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As a founder, director, co-author and coach with a passion for finding better ways to scale, Hans Schulte knows how to force multiply leadership teams and organisations who want to decode agile growth and win sustainably. Using best in world frameworks and data-driven advice, Hans helps leadership teams see and develop agile strategies that are clear, have a bias towards action and challenge Business As Usual status quo. His expertise is a blend of founding and scaling his own and other’s businesses and a commitment to lifelong education. Hans has been mentored by some of the greatest minds in the world of leadership, disruption and agile business growth and as such, Hans is a formidable expert partner on the scale trail.

Finding a Better Way

Hans is inspired by his WHY to assist growth-minded leaders realize their own and their organisation’s greatest potential by finding better ways to scale. This means getting into the details, it also means asking the tough questions to uncover possibilities. It means discipline, belief and hard work on the climb to success. Hans will be there for the journey, helping good leaders transition to great while they achieve their bespoke organisational success.

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Hans Schulte is certified in the 7 AttributesTM and Four Decisions, and contributed to the development and writing of the 4 Dilemmas of the CEO — published by Bloomsbury Press, November 2017. He is a Marshall Goldsmith Associate Coach, a Genos EI/EQ Practitioner, a Certified mBIT Coach, a Prince2 Practitioner and a Scrum Master. An agile strategy and execution expert, and a BA, PDBA, MBA, his ongoing research focuses on entrepreneurial creativity as an innovation and disruption differentiator. Hans coaches and advises a cross-section of NZ, AUS and US midmarket, and emerging midmarket companies helping them focus their strategy and execution to pull the right levers and achieve their growth and profitability goals.

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