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NOT even Superman knew he was awesome on day 1

He wasn't superman on day 1, he was just some kid.

Think about SUPERMAN - a kid with potential to shape the entire world, a master of his environment, a solution shaper a SUPER HERO!

Here is a fella who through effectuation and gutsy flying experiments uncovered his real potential as well as his weaknesses. Here is a guy who retreats often to his mentor and coach to download and seek direction. Here is a guy who taps into the best knowledge in the universe to make sure he is abreast of the most recent developments in the world of inter-galactic villainry. Here is a guy with a mission!

He had the potential to be superman but needed to go through a process.

I often come across individuals who are looking for perfection and corporate super powers on day 1 - they feel entitled and driven to deliver perfection with their first rapid iteration.

Seldom do we get it 100% right the first time and frankly 100% right is a relative concept. Who says what 100% really is and why cant you be part of designing the next 100% instead of feeling you need to align to a fictitious expectation of yourself that you rarely have even conceptualised?

I often find people stuck in this negative feedback loop: I need to be perfect -> If I am not I will not achieve -> I do not actually know what perfect looks like -> I will not try in case I fail.

All this usually against a standard that has not yet been quantified but rather remains a figment of the imagination.

Sound crazy? Many people struggle with this in our VUCA world.

One of the key reasons for this skewed expectation (which is a performance killer, not a performance enhancer) is the lack of robust and reliable feedback loops in life and in work.


  • Superman was 'hiding' in a normal looking kid - what super powers are waiting to be unlocked in you?

  • Superman had a trusted feedback loop so he could develop his potential - what feedback loop are you using in your life and in your work?

  • Superman had a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve - achieving YOUR 100% potential has to be aligned with a powerful purposeful goal to help you jump off that cliff of security and test your flying abilities.

  • Superman was not afraid to fail - sometimes he got whacked, other times he didn't pull it off 100% most important thing is he regrouped, used his backup, learned from his experience and strengthened his weak spots and kept trying.

  • Superman tried to stay away from kryptonite - what is the kryptonite in your life and work? Have you taken the time to know this? What really derails you and how do you deal with your own personal kryptonites?

  • Superman moved with momentum - what strategies are you employing in your life and work to maximise your momentum? Momentum is your ability to fly through things, jump over huge hurdles, and achieve amazing results. What increases momentum in your life and what mitigates it.

My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength. Michael Jordan


  • Be gentle with yourself when you need to, but don't be self deceived

  • Get the best feedback loop you can afford

  • See failure as a route to success not a reflection of self worth

  • Keep trying

  • Recognise your unlimited potential that may not have happened YET.


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