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To BOT or NOT to BOT

Been thinking about the kind of leadership needed to create AUGMENTED OPPORTUNITY, been thinking about the power of a well deployed bot.

Researching the influence bots have on CX as well as the different leadership paradigms and behaviours needed within organisations to make them effective, seems some organisations really crack the code while others struggle to achieve the anticipated benefits of automation.

Have also been considering strongly the hype cycle and how it has a very real influence on how things flow in the tech world.

“By 2020, over 50% of medium to large enterprises will have deployed product chatbots,” said Van Baker, research vice president at Gartner. This will be an interesting metric to track over the next 24 months.

Thanks to their ability to use natural-language processing to map a spoken or written input to an intent, chatbots are rapidly entering the workplace. This is great news for organisations with large populations of millennials.

Chatbots suit the types of workflow behaviour characteristic of millennials, who are used to — and demand — instant, digital connections that keep them up to date at all times. It is natural that their work preferences would mirror those of their personal lives.

I think the bot has a very bright future as long as the implementers do a few clearly defined things:

Make sure bot deployment makes sense to customers, make sure the target demographic will find a bot appealing and helpful on several levels of engagementHave a meta strategic automation roadmap that the wider business is sold on to make internal friction manageable Really understand customers and what they expect (this is a massive gap in the knowledge of many companies)Understand the change that serious bot deployment will mean for your business - angst from employees, reskilling, retooling, redeployment?Continuous check in to make sure the bot is delivering what the customer wants - a new fascination with data and the analysis of it will be usefulMake sure your bot developers are great to work with because things change, sometimes really fast, learning and deploying together is important, it is a partnership

To sum this up, companies will need to lead and negotiate massive change to stay in the game. Making sure your structure is ready and equipped for the change like a wave of possibility, really is everything.

SO getting the tech right as well as developing the internal capabilities to allow these developments to really take root are imperative. Getting bots and people to harmoniously coexist so that customers win on the front end has to be the outcome of deployment. The change required to make that a feasible reality has to be tackled with energy, focus and determination.

In order for bots to make a decided impact, ironically the humans around them need to be leading in a certain way, changing in a certain way and embracing possibility in a certain way.

I call it Augmented OPPORTUNITY.


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