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TO feedback or NOT to feedback? - that is the question.

"Dealing with feedback and who you get it from can be a tricky business."

"Letting people into your inner sanctum can be a challenge."

"No matter where it comes from it always makes me a little nervous."

Sound familiar? These are issues we deal with everyday enroute to insight. These are common concerns we talk about everyday. In our mission to democtratise feedback and bring humanity back into the workplace we come across people who desperately want to know the answer to the burning question - but either have noone to ask or are so afraid of the answer they do not ask.

Maybe it is worth investigating the unknown, if only because the very feeling of not knowing is a painful one. Krzysztof Kieslowski

Not knowing really hurts, in fact not knowing is at the tail end of the dog for sure.

Not knowing why people overlook you for promotion.

Not knowing why your kids don't react well to your jokes.

Not knowing why you can't hit your targets.

Not knowing whether the strategy is going to be accepted or not.


The kind of feedback you use and the insight you develop in your life is critical to movement. Movement toward your potential is an instant recipe for happiness - not moving a precursor to disengagement, apathy, depression.........need I go on?

I always counsel people I work with to get the best feedback they can afford and then make use of it, ACT and don't wait to be ACTED UPON. This is the fundamental basis of moving onward and upward and knowing a few new things along the way.

SO - TO feedback or NOT to feedback? - I guess you know my answer.


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